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Clothes, Relationship and Choices

Selecting the right clothes!

Selecting the right clothes!

We don’t buy the clothes, the moment we see it, right?..We look it left right, we go to trial room and look front and back, we look if it’s not too revealing..We do a hundred tests and once you and the cloth has made a match, both give a nod and you buy it in..Do you see how you romance this process of matching your cloth before buying..Get used to that in relationship too!

Sometimes we get attracted by the family, or looks or the habits and then we stop looking at everything else.. we stop the romanticism like the cloth and just pick up the person.

Maybe one should stick to choosing person or being in relationship like the cloth, as you have to be together for the rest of times..

So even though the person is attractive or the family is.. you have to live with the person and it’s mind. So make sure these two things go with you. They are willing to be with you. Looks are great, but in long-term they don’t matter. Willingness to be together matter.


Thank you Sir!

​This is a story i want to share today and a express thank you to my teacher. 

This is about 10th standard, i had enrolled in tuition classes in my vicinity. The previous year I was in the same tuition class. We had one English teacher, Deshmukh Sir. He was short, bald and had a strong persona. His voice had a touch of passion for the subject. So he taught us the school syllabus. 
One day during my 9th standard classes, he asked us to write an essay. We all wrote it. Around next day, he came and praised me in front of the class. He loved what I wrote. I was overwhelmed. Never before I was praised like that. I mean teachers do evaluate, but I don’t think ever, someone stood up and said this was good or my efforts were appreciable. Not that I was a brilliant student but nevertheless you do expect teacher to value your efforts to catch up his level. I always feared his strong persona but liked and respected him as a person. 

Then in 10th standard, there were some more instances he was happy with me. 

And in the final prelims that my class conducted, i was told my Sir was very happy with how I had fared. 

Soon i gave my main 10th board exams. I scored a disappointing 55 of 100. 

I couldn’t face him eye to eye. He met me, he stared at me and showed me the notice board where the students class marks were displayed.. With a disappointing face, he questioned..Why? what happened? Why so less? 

It wasn’t that he was angry, but so deeply concerned as if he lost something. That he had failed to deliver. 

I couldn’t face it. I felt really bad i couldn’t live upto his teachings. 

Somewhere down, i promised myself to look up to him and answer him back.. 

And I took that vow!

As soon as my 11th exams finished, i got hold of the English textbook and studied it every single day for the 12th board exams. 

Not a day went where I did not pay attention in my vacations. 

Even in my college classes, i wrote things as teacher would say. I was so sincere to attend that there was a time, no one would turn up for classes and I would sit one on one with the English teacher. I was crazy with that. 

Soon prelims came and I scored a 80 off 100. I hadn’t scored exceptional marks but I did give my 101% . I was totally thankful to my teacher for this. This i dedicated to my teacher who did not just teach me the subject but told me it was his personal investment. That my result was also his win or loss. It is this value that I always treasure and cherish 🙂 

Thank you Sir for believing, valuing, appreciating and encouraging to do better and best 🙂

I know you are not here and in the heavens. I pray this thank you and my good wishes reach upto you there. 🙂

I see through..

Seeing through..

Seeing through..

I see through my eyes and watch the body.
I fail to see the soul standby.

I see through skin and its blemishes
and miss the beauty rooted in.

I see through you
blinded by judgements,
from eyes of a eternal critic,

I fail and just rely on what i see,
blinded by the fantasies and the hopeful desires.

Probably that’s why it speaks,
not more than few glances you and me will stay together for long.

I need to see you through and through,
I need to be with you now and then,
through the pretty and the ugly,
through the hate and the pain.

Only then shall i see us together,
unmoved by the disturbances,
the nuances,
the likes and dislikes,
that fleet by now and then,
and taint our togetherness!

I rather chose to paint it,
with faith and trust,
and watch it shine bright,
in ups and downs,
in sorrows and happiness,
in the storms that are yet to arrive.

Come let me see you through,
Let me see you through the eyes,
that are devoid of the world and mirror the Divine!


Short Story
“The End”

The End!

The End!

“Twice bitten once shy”

The never give up attitude never left him.
For now, it seemed fun.

He felt like a pro.
Juggling around his heart and finding a new person to mend it!

It was much better than watching others.

There was a sense of satisfaction of having tried, than regretting of never doing it!

He smiled. He never won. But he won over his fears..
Once touted as the one who will never dare, to the one who never feared!

He smelled a sense of achievement.
He smelled the victory cry!

Some months before he had never thought what he could do..
It was beyond his imagination..

“But a gesture of love, can ignite a person, sometimes consuming him, to become that!”

Back as he saw, love was not the same as said..

It had its own highs and lows..

“Love is not for the one blinded in lust, Love is for the ones who enjoy the pace of it!”
“Love reveals itself. Love finds YOU! You don’t find your love..”

One find day, Love will find YOU!
It will embrace you so tight, that the whole universe will seem filled with it.

Love has it power. Misuse it  and you lose it.
Love opens up your heart. It lets you play with the heart.

“Love is being silly. Love is respecting. Love is commitment. Love is a beautiful feeling..”

Try to hold it and you will lose it..
You cannot maintain love, you can only let it BE!

Love can empower you enough to face the criticisms, it can fight it alone!

Love can give you a sense of ownership of the other person..Something that causes most break ups..
Too much of it, and you screw up the whole setup of love..

“Love it, but don’t love it enough to damage it by yourself..”

Here he was, seeing the power of love, and its downfall!

Staring at the sky he was amazed, it was full of stars.
He could feel that, When love was right there, he never sensed it, but now with her gone, he enjoyed the darkness.
There were those stars which she gave,”the snippets of love” 🙂
Something, he chose to treasure and thank her for..

The feeling of love had subsided.. He was quiet..

He felt no urge to make a move himself..He sat there, Busy joining the pieces of his heart..
Carefully, bringing them together.

“You don’t find people. They are meant to find you. For a reason, so much beyond your reason, but with a definite purpose.They might not exhibit any purpose, yet establish over time.”

This was one such instance.. Someone found him, but not for the reason he felt betrayed for..

Just a casual meet. Again. Over the world wide web..

The world wide web is funny.. It lets you showcase a part of you that you choose to show. It never shows the part, you always want to hide..
And yet we choose to believe that story.. Not, that we do not understand.. But there is a slight hope, what if? What if i can change it for the betterment of us both?

What if, this is what the other never thought of? That it can be better?

“Hope. Faith can make the worst of the crimes. Like taking a risk to do the same thing that led you to a mistake.”


She looked stunning than the previous one. He was bowled.
She was friendlier and cheesier in her talks..
He was keeping her at bay. He never landed on the harbor initially. Observing the steps. Was it okay to dock? Or he should continue to sail ahead?

He never wanted to. But Hope? Faith?
He was a never give up guy!
He went with a precaution to himself.. He wont enter the territory to get lost! He agreed to his sane side!

But then, he changed sides.
He broke his protocols and became comfortable with her talks..
He never took it as true, although she hinted her in a first few talks. She loved to toy around the guy’s emotions.. Yes. He was emotional with the scars in!

But he was determined. To just hang around and stick to the precautions! Not knowing, the scars were still fresh!
She lured him by her talks.. He got caught. Now here he was, completely in her custody!
She won him. He lost himself in her.

But this was something different.. He could not meet her. She stayed miles away.
Oh God. This was a long distance relationship. He knew fully. Yet he took the risk!

He loved her talks. He imagined her smile. The same as was in the photo she posted.
He fantasized being with her, sitting besides and talking the same way as on phone..

Those days, he did not have plan to call her at affordable rates.. He went beyond.. He found one to talk to her as long as he wanted..

“Love is Being Mad.. It can literally make you do things, you never imagined!”

Sometimes though it comes out as better!

Long distance relationship is risk oriented..

There is no presence. and presence does it all.
Words hardly live up to. They just guide to fantasies. But presence! Presence makes it a reality!

Presence is what keep the fire in the relationship..It keeps it lit.

With lack of presence to just lit that love is not easy..
He felt the pinch. She was though, as she mentioned casual. She hinted. He never listened to that..

He was now completely lost in fantasy through her words..

A month and a half, he spent like that. He called every time. She never took that initiative..

He was out on a vacation… He informed her.. She kept being casual..

“Friends define life. They treat you beyond what you are. A side you never discover, they will make you explore that. Friends do that!”

A gala time being away. His new love life was now a topic of hot discussion. They talked over and over and saw him smile at her mention..

Back from the vacation, he tried to contact her.

She was gone! No return calls, messages, not even ONLINE!

He became curious and persistent in asking. He was being genuine.

It seemed like a lost signal. He could not trace her beyond that number. She refused to be traced too.. Shying away being ONLINE too!

He had to practice respect. He had to give her space. He chose to be committed with a slight tinge of knowing she has left him!

But he refused to believe until it were her words.

His birthday came. She wished him. He became hopeful but not for too long.She chose to be away!

One day, she decided, she came for a chat, She blurted finally.. She was already in midst of a complication, her feelings, her desires!

She was in midst of something. She was not a committed person. She loved to toy around. Some of it, made things complicated for her..

He thought maybe she sensed i was genuine and did not wanted to let me in. Also they never met!

“To lend space in heart is not so easy!”

What if you choose to take it for granted?

“NO!” She blurted out, “I am NOT your girlfriend!!”

He was not shaken that much as he was the previous time..

He decided. There was nothing on this path much to explore..

He called it “THE END!”

He chose to not explore it in the way he was doing it. He knew there was much more to life than just wandering carelessly like that..

He chose to gracefully part ways with the path..

Although many chances came,time and again, but he choose to not follow that path again.. Until as they say.



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The Wanderer!

Short Story

“The Wanderer”

The Wanderer

The Wanderer

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“Wanders not the one who is lost.
Wanders the one who is the search of himself.
Through places & people.
Slowly and gradually, One finds Oneself.

Dates back to a quiet time.
There was silence.

“In some parallel world, something happens,
they are meant to be,
without your consent and with a strong reason,
to open you up and or close inside of you ;
some part, beautiful or ugly,
to leave you with a understanding that lasts for a lifetime :))”

He was Heartbroken.
But he wont let Go!

He stayed there. Quietly looking at his state.
The heart was meant to be mended.
With love!

He observed and looked everywhere, in search of a caretaker.
His heart refused to stay alone.
It needed a companion.

Lost was not the hope. But feverishness could damage.

He waited. and Waited.

Talked a lot. with whomever and tried to hide the scar.
Sometimes it gave support, sometimes it did not!

Two months sailed by. One fine day, it was.
Someone bubbling with enthusiasm and chubby he meets.Over the world wide web.

There was no intention or the thought.
But there was a feeling of happiness, the talks with her, were distracting him from the goal. The goal : to purse a person who could mend his heart!

A week or two, nothing struck to take step ahead..Until the day, her birthday came.
He wished her;with all the heart. Not with an intention,but with complete attention to be honest.

She was happy with the words 🙂

There was no mention of her in his thoughts after that..
He was gaining speed in his routine and engaging himself to be better himself from the scars..

Another month passed by, and urgency drew in..She needed his help.
Being a good person at heart, he agreed. He gave in all his effort.
She was very happy.

She got what she wanted.
There struck a link of trust.

“Trust is good. It gives some time for the person to not doubt or react immediately. The time that one seeks, that could damage the good times.”

The help sensed to her, a sense of goodness in him..

IT STRUCK HIM! Something stirred in him. Again.

He was now making moves. Negotiating unconsciously to the person to mend his scars..

It was not intentional. It happened!

The Friday came. He mustered the courage to take her out to place she wanted to go.
She could not go alone. So He had volunteered.

The journey and the presence worked.

She came back home. The evening was fabulous.

The day after he finally believed. Never give up. Never stop trying.
She just barged into an informal chat and by the time they looked at clock.. it was 5 hrs..
5hrs talking how the evening was nice 🙂

A spark again!

The week later and the next, he kept hinting her that he felt special for her..
She kept replying.. “I wait for your messages now a days” 🙂

Its the first of the month..
He finally decides, he has to decide whether to say or not those three special words..
There was enormous amount of pressure by head and lots of support by the heart..

The Heart Won!

He did the same again.. neither a call nor a meet. Just a plain message to her..
Not having guts to see what would be the reaction. He chose to just switch off himself from the electronic world and quietly slipped into tranquility!

It was dinner time. His hunger for the YES from her was stronger than the food.
Gulping down the food hurriedly, he checked in the phone.
No reply.

He logged in the world wide web.
There she was. ONLINE.

Without a second thought the first words of his were.. “Did you get my message?”

She said “yes i did”… He consoled myself, be ready for a yes or no!

There was a pause by her.. She said, “sometime back she had been proposed, only to find out it was a prank..”

He affirmed. “No i am not doing any bluff.. I really like you!”

She smiled. He stressed, “Please, please, you are the ONE.. Please please can you be mine?”

a few more affirmations.. She said YES!!!!!!!


He felt triumphant, there was sense of victory inside.. His feelings won.

That night was different than ever.. Logging out he slept with a sense of relief…He found the caretaker of his heart.

Finally he was happy.

The next days were better than ever lived. Every morning, afternoon, evening and the nights, she never left his sight!

She roamed all over his thoughts.. She made him sing, write, laugh and smile..She sparkled the love in him again…

But the talks were not enough.. He wanted to MEET..He asked her out.. It was a beach..

Next day, She came. Dressed simply, her innocence and sweetness welcomed him…

He signaled the auto.

Here he was, sitting finally with the love of his life.. He looked into her eyes, they were the most beautiful.. radiating pure love!

He signaled her, and caressed her delicate hands. Never before experienced, those hands spoke kindness 🙂

They got down, there was this huge sea and the beach..

They made their way through the sand.. There was dead silence..

“Lovers never talk much.. Their presence transmits it all..”

This was so true.. He experienced it..

It was the most beautiful and pure feeling ever… He felt so good.. 🙂 They held each others hand.. walking around the unusually quiet sea..

The wind blew her hair.. He was awestruck. She looks divine!

A thought crossed… He wanted to kiss her hand..

“The true mark of gentleman is not to be lustful but be loving..”

He thought, that was just right..

He asked softly.. She put her hand ahead.. He gently kissed and in his mind, thanked Almighty for sending her..

They kept walking, she looked at her watch.. it was time for her to go!

He was more than content..That left him so full in his heart! The heart had been mended by her presence… 🙂

He was now ready.. To complete his incomplete thought.. To make way towards her heart forever!

She drove to home.. He called.. a thought crossed his head, unwilling to go away.. He asked, “did you take permission to come from your caretaker?”

Sheepishly she said NO!

He was not happy. He did not want her to break rules and trust of her caretaker.. He said with a big heart.. “Lets not meet like that when its not possible for you talk to your caretaker about it!”

The following weeks he bumped into her on a few occasions, she gave the clue and he reached..Whilst amongst her friends, they never failed to feel special.. There were glances, handshakes secretly as they dodged the sight of others..

Every second, to express the love, they utilized..

“Love does not need an occasion.. It does not give reasons.. It just finds it way and satisfies itself!”

Love no longer had any barriers.. He felt invincible.. Love brought him power albiet with a sense of responsibility..

He felt alive, He could not contain himself. It manifested in his every action.. Helping and smiling was just a way to tell others, he was filled with love!

It transformed him, he became more receptive to help, filled him with compassion and a sense to serve.. Love taught him more than he thought..

He discovered he was special. He did the same. He told her how she was also special..

Things are always great when you are in love..You get all the attention.. But too much attention is dangerous… He began creeping in almost every hour of her life…

What started with minutes now spanned hours of her day…

While he was satisfying his urge of longing and feverishness..She was sensing something fishy..

She never spoke openly.. She continue to talk and reply and kept that routine going…

It was almost two months now..

One day, she broke… “I need to talk!” He persuaded her. She wasn’t ready to get convinced but she had no choice or reason then, nothing more specific..

Another month passed, She showed signs to move away…

And the Day came, She blurted out in anger..

She was confined to him. She now longer did the things, she did earlier.. All her time was consumed by him..

She became aware.. She was more caring to herself than anyone… She knew where he was heading to…

She felt the risk, her future was more dear to her.. She mustered courage, She defended herself on her stance and She said in a very strict tone.. those dangerous lines….

“I think we are more better as we used to be.. Can we be FRIENDS again!!”

He was not ready to strike that deal.. He refused to give up…

She became more aggressive, she made it very clear by her words, “Look that’s it!”

She stopped the dialogue. She concluded! “That’s it”..

It shook him completely.. He felt devastated!

For few moments he did not realize what happened..! He was refusing to believe. She was stern..

He woke up next day..There was no one to love.. No one to say i love you!

He could not imagine the thought at all… Suddenly he was a stranger again…

He could not see the day or night.. Nor could she! It was painful to part ways but necessary all the same..

She sent a clear message to him, she loved him, but not at the cost of losing herself to the Possessiveness..!

She liked being independent. She was quiet. Simple. Hardworking. Sincere and Smart. She made a choice. She wanted to reclaim her space again..

He realized his foolishness. But now. It was too late. He could not convince much.. He was not choosing to change. He wanted to be what he was and wanted her to be how she was..

There was a big debate in his head.. He gave a million reason to be together.. But never spoke of giving respect to her thought!

It took him quite some time.. To accept his foolishness. It just took her sometime to accept her intelligence..

He was then, blind in love. He lost it! and now he was here again..
Lost and Wandering!”

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Relationships Trust and Space !

JaiGurudev dear Ones,
So here are two classic situations that i came across.



Situation 1 :

Look there is a friend with whom I have right now a lot of misunderstanding.
And now he’s not ready to talk about it.
Like he keeps saying- forget it, chodd na, don’t delve into the past.. etc etc.. every time I try talking about it.
So its really pissing me off, because I want to know, what’s wrong, so that I can set things right, but he just wants to start afresh and not talk about it.
<< I dun knw wt he is >>
Before all this shit happened,both of us knew, that we like each other, as more than just friends.
But I don’t know, what it is like now.
Because he doesn’t even, want to talk about it.
And keeps saying chill no. Chodd na etc etc..
We weren’t dating.
Not my boyfriend.

A very good friend,but we just knew, that we liked each other as more than just friends.
Like, I can never say no to him or shout at him, even if I don’t like what’s happening.

So there was a time when the way he was behaving was bothering me too much.
So instead of shouting or saying anything.
I was a little sarcastic.
So probably that pissed him off.
But how much could I just keep putting up with it?
And then with all this,he apparently, told a mutual friend, that he couldn’t listen to more.
But he was just not bothered about him hurting me.
Or atleast that’s what I think..
So I don’t know, I am jus pissed.
He just started behaving weirdly without a reason.
And I’m stressing too much about it.
So much that it’s affecting my health.
I just want the friend, I had back like we were..

Help me out 🙂

Ans :

A greater degree of relations heal with letting down your ego and forgiving each other.

Here’s an apology and truthful answer i could give to this question ..

Here’s what might work out if said to him..

Hey dear, i know i have been little sarcastic to you..
i am really sorry about it..
i just feel so bad and so distant even besides u.
Will you forgive me please.
Give me a chance to prove that i am worth being a best friend.
It feels so bad to wake up on a morning and find you have no one to take care and express your affection and love!
i miss ya man!
I miss the good old times we had.
Look, if there is anything wrong i did. and i know i did. I know i can’t change what you felt then.
Maybe never.
i just want to know, what should i have done..
i know i reacted. i want you to to help me out,to let me know ..
So that i don’t hurt somebody like u again 🙂
Will you help me out knowing this 🙂

It’s been killing me with curiosity, since so many days after i woke up after that reaction.
i just felt so worse, that how could i behave like that to a best friend of mine..
I was just not myself.
I just want you to understand, that maybe i was way too wrong, but will you let me back the same way, as we were before!
I just want another chance to prove myself 🙂
one last thing is, its not the chill thing that kills me ..
its the thing that, after all this.. i am not even worth a reason.. that kills me 🙂
i want to be a better person, please let me know the truth 🙂

Here is what Gurudev says :

Q: If someone, whom you know loves and cares for you, doesn’t show it to you anymore, how do you still believe that they do and not get angry with them?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Give them some time, let them take a break and recharge them self to show you their care back again.

People do need a little bit of recharging again and again.
You have drawn all that love and attention from them and it needs a little more time to get recharged.

Just know they are recharging their batteries.

If you demand from someone to show you their love, it is not going to work. On the contrary, it will be counterproductive.

So never demand and never question, ‘Why don’t you love me?’ Don’t say that.
In fact, you should say the other way around, ‘Why do you love me so much? I don’t deserve it.

Why do you love me so much? You love me too much, I can’t take it anymore.’

Tell them this and you will see everything changes.

You know, it is such a burden for someone to prove their love for you.
Suppose someone tells you the same thing, ‘I don’t think you love me, come on show me.’
Then you will think, ‘Oh my God, how should I prove that I really love him.’

It is such a burden and nobody wants to carry such a burden on their head all the time.
Everyday you come home and prove that you really love your spouse at home.

No! Take it for granted and move on. Don’t try to make someone accountable to prove their love for you.


Situation 2 :

I have a friend and am talking to that person because..he started drinking after shifting  to a new place..And he is not ready to quit smoking at any cost..
And i told him to do YES!+, so he spoke utter rubbish about AOL & my i told him that i will talk to him when he quits smoking.
There is a cold war going on between us.
How do i handle this and get back?

Ans :

First you stop rejecting and chill out yourself..
Just accept this fact that he drinks n smokes..
Right now as a responsible person, just meet him once over a cup of coffee and with lots of love tell him that i don’t hate you..
just that whatever you are doing.. i am fearing it will make you feel miserable in future.. i don’t want to lose a friend like you..
If you feel, its difficult to give up, then i assure you, the techniques in the course i am telling, surely does help 🙂

Look i feel so miserable seeing you go away, in smoking and drinking addictions.. tujhe kya problem hai.. ki tu drink aur smoke karta hai.. normal life is exciting too!
And i am telling, i have seen people, who used to drink heavily n smoke, that have found way out of this 🙂

I know you are a hardworking person 🙂
And deep down i know, you care for others too.
I respect you and right now i just feel there are better alternatives to feel the high like Kriya 🙂

A very sincere request to you, to give up all this.
i am with you, if you want to give up.
Even if no one supports, i am there besides you..
will you just give it up..
If its difficult to give up at once, then give up for one week.. then practise next week.
Before that, come with me for next YES!+.
I am sure, you love fun.
YES!+ is all about, giving up the bad and becoming best.
I can’t promise you’ll be the best immediately, but you’ll surely get, what you need 🙂


May you all be happy and peaceful!
Love and Light!
Swapnil 🙂

PS : Hatred is just a doubt which u don’t dare to introspect and re-live it again and again..
Deep down you are just love.
Question your doubt, hatred and negativity, again and again.
This way instead of re-living; u relieve yourself of  all this negativity 🙂

An Evening with Rishiji..

Rishi Nityapragyaji

Rishi Nityapragyaji

Part of the knowledge session by Rishi Nityapragyaji on 25th April 2012 at SSRVM Mulund West.

Atom has nucleus and electron cloud and in between them was said to be void.. but when scientist tapped that space they discovered it as consciousness..
Energy is in each atom..
Like that Bliss or that eternal state of happiness is your nature..
Tumhara swabhav hai sachhitanand aur jo dikhai deta hai aur jo tumhare harkate hoti hai.. wo prabhav se hai..

dekho tumhari body aur breath chod ke jayegi, par mind,intellect,ego saath rahega..toh uski baat karte hai..

Q : I have ego problems. How do i handle it?
A : First learn to identify what type of ego it is and then make effort to move out of it.
For example, you dont talk much and stay aloof.. that is one ego..
You like to boss around.. create superiority complex, thats ego..
Okay now since you have known, what type of ego is in you..
Ask close people around you, to remind you each time, you fall in that behaviour.. you can forget, but people around you, are aware all the time. So taking help of people you come out of ego..

Q : When somebody gets egoistic i get affected. How do i handle that?
A : Sometimes you feel shaken because of somebody’s ego.Realise and become alert then.Are you shaken by their ego or is your ego awakened again.The secret to move out of it is..realise it again and again.

Sometimes you forgive a person and have moved out of it.But somewhere you feel through the persons reactions, that the person hasnt still accepted from his side and knowing this you become unhappy.
Drop that unhappiness too.
They will take their own sweet time to accept you..
And the funny part is.. The moment you accept the inacceptance and behave normal, feeling normal.That moment onwards,the person also seems to slowly give up his/her inacceptance.

What do you mean love me,you mean, act such that, i feel the love..

Doesnt it happen that your closed ones dont listen.It is because they see you from the experiences.They dont feel the way u do.They hear the words and actions and react.Let them understand u 🙂
Accept it, they dont accept and then move ahead..
As u notice others inacceptance also notice urs.
Swadhyaya is essential..
To see how others fare and how u have fared..

Satchiddanand ko paate paate anand bhul jate hai..
Job mai atak jate hai.. Relationship mai atak jate hai..
Toh kya wo sab nai paana..
Paana hai, lekin ek jaan lo, paise kamaane ke liye job karo.. Khushi paane ke liye nai.. Khushi tumhe sirf aur sirf, bheetar se milegi..
Jab lobh uthega toh vastuo ke liye prem jagega..
Jab moh uthega toh vyakti ke liye prem jagega..
Aur fir thode der baad wo chala jayega..
Tumne bohot vyakti vastuyein haasil ki hai..
Jaan lo.. Unse khushi nai milegi..
Tumne Kabhi sat ke liye khushi kurbaan ki hai.. toh kabhi chit ke liye..
Par anand to sirf tabhi paaya jab sadhana seva satsang ki.
Is marg par pehle kathinai hai par lambe samay ke liye khushi..

Job karo, kuch karo; par jaano.. kya aur kyu kar rahe ho..
Samaaj ka dhaacha hai isliye mat karo..dekho, samjho aur apnao..
Khushi toh bheetar hi milegi.. Khush hokar karo..
dekho agar tum ek andheri room mai ho aur light switch ko dhundte dhundte hath mai rassi lagti hai aur turant samjho tumhe switch mil jaye.. aur light lagane par dikh jaye ki tum rassi nai saap pakad rahe the..
toh jhat se usko chod doge na..
Usme koi kisike baatane ki jarurat nai thi!
Bas pata that ki wo cheez ko pakadna achha nai tha tumhare liye!
Isi tarah jeevan mai jaise jaise tumhe pata chalta ki kaunsi cheez tumhare liye kitni acchi hai aur kitni buri.. waise waise tum usko chodte jaate ho. aur achhi cheezo ko apnate ho..

Tum kidhar atke ho jaise hi tumhe iska aabhas ya samajh aati hai.. Toh turant wo chut jata hai..
Toh wo light ya knowledge ka prakash jab ayega tab uss bandhan se chutkara milega..
Jitne jaldi chodoge aur khali honge..utna jyada tumhara dimakh kaam karne ke liye available rahega..
Nai toh wo preoccuppied rahega in that bondage..
Keval uska alertness aane se usse chut sakte ho..

Toh desires ka kya kare.. Wo toh aate toh kaise avoid kare.. Dekho wo toh ayenge par kin desire ko bhaav dena ye tumhare haath mai hai..
Desires to aayenge, par tum buddhi se unhi desires ko rakho jo tumhare liye upyogi hai..
Jaise ki..

Tum premmayi hone ki desire rakho.. i will be loving to all.
Log khush rahe na rahe. You resolve and desire to be happy..
then if somebody behaves happily, you consider it as bonus..
You resolve to maintain ur happiness.
this way its okay if someone dont behave in accordance with u.

Gurumay hone ka desire rakho.. Let me Feel the Guru’s presence all the time..
Ki mujhme koi ichha nai ichha.. That no desires come up in me..

Mujhe mukti mile ye ichha.. That my soul is liberated..
Desire of the highest..
Ye desire kabhi chodna nai..
Badi desires rakhoge, toh choti desires se mann attract hona bandh ho jayega..


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