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Q n A with Sri Sri : How to make doing Sadhana everyday, an easy habit?

Q n A with Sri Sri

Q n A with Sri Sri


Q : Gurudev, taking out time for Sadhana in everyday life becomes little difficult, whereas I enjoy doing Sadhana.
How to make it an easy habit?

Sri Sri:
Look, is it difficult to take out time to brush your teeth?
You need to take time out to go to the washroom, isn’t it? You bathe everyday or not? Do you run to the office after getting up from the bed? Without having breakfast, do you go?
There is time to have tea, breakfast, and gossip.
There is time to bathe for an hour, and there is time to stand in front of the mirror and comb your hair. Whoever comes home we have time to talk nonsense with them. And on top of all this, there is time for television.
But for doing Sadhana, after doing which one feels so good, how come there is no time?

I know there is a lot of running around to do in life, and it feels like there is no time, but you have to create a discipline for Sadhana. Make a commitment, ‘If I don’t do Sadhana today, I won’t have breakfast.
I don’t have the right to eat anything until I sit for 15 minutes’.
Only 15 minutes, in the morning after waking up, sit in bed. Loosen your whole body, and realize that God is your own, God is within you.
Just sit there for a few minutes.

I tell you, once in the year 1980, we went to Badrinath and Kedarnath (pilgrim spots in North India). In those days going to Badrinath and Kedarnath was very difficult.
It would take three days from Rishikesh to Badrinath.
We had to stop frequently and couldn’t travel at night. There were two Germans with us who we taught pranayama and meditation. ]
When it was evening, they would ask the driver to stop the car near any pavement.
And there on the road, by the pavement, they would spread their mats and sit in meditation.
I was surprised seeing them. Whatever condition you are in, wherever you are, you should meditate.

During my college days, if I was traveling by train, even I would also do it (my Sadhana) there itself, in the train.
But I was seeing these two Germans, they were so particular about the time. As soon as it was 6 PM they would stop the car, and sit in meditation.
What I mean to say is, we should make it a habit.
Morning or evening, at least one time – when you return home from work, wash your face and sit for 20 minutes. This much time we can definitely take out. Or wake up a little early in the morning.
If you were not able to wake up early and got late one day, then do it after returning home in evening.

When you have decided that without doing sadhana you won’t have food, then this becomes a part of your routine. Then if you miss one or two days, no problem. But don’t make missing it a habit.
There’s a very nice bhajan by Sant Kabirdas.
“Kaam na choda, krodh na choda, satyavachan kyu chod diya, Naam japan kyu chod diya”.
(You didn’t leave lust, you didn’t leave anger, then why did you leave the words of truth? Why did you stop chanting his name?)



Does Best Friend Exist?




Here is an interesting thought by a friend and my answer to it :

There is nothing on this planet as a best friend or a buddy.
It is merely an illusion.
Your Guru is only ur best friend.
As they say in Cocktail : Sri Sri, Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi ho!
And trust me,It hurts more than any betrayal.
So never accept anybody your best friend.
Or on second thoughts, if you can’t do the above,Start making new friends!

Here’s my take :
Everyone has a role to play in life.
When you say best friend and Say only Guru meets the qualification..
You mean to say, one who unconditionally gives you love & support.
Accept the fact, that, at most times, Guru element, in someone is dominant and they will make you feel special.
But to expect that this will last a lifetime, is foolishness.
Honor their Guru element, dont try to measure it πŸ™‚
Or don’t try to hold it.

Everyone has a role to play in your life and you should let them play their roles.
Some stay for one month, some six and some a year or more.
Whatever be the time, Be grateful for the good they gave and learn from the bad they showed you.
There is no need to go extremes, as Not making friends at all or making too many friends.
You just love the deserving ones who value you, who have spent quality time with you and who again and again get back to you πŸ™‚
Be there to give best to them.

Dont ever try to focus more on others, who treat you as option.
Dont even try to label anyone.

Give time for friendship to be better.
And you dont proclaim from your side, that we are best friends.
When it becomes a good friendship, you unanimously dawn upon that and start living like that.

Give friendship time to blossom.
Don’t be in a hurry to evaluate it.

Let both proclaim together.

I would say on a ending note.
Let the relationship be..however it is.Don’t label it, as Good, better, best or worst.
Let time decide whats the value of it.
And you still don’t name it.
You instead enjoy and live that πŸ™‚

Good day to you all!

Love Prayers Blessings,
Swapnil πŸ™‚

Akshay Tritiya..

Got this one from a devotee πŸ™‚

Sri Sri πŸ™‚

Guruji was talking related to the festival today – Today is Akshaya Tritiya. Guruji was mentioning that ‘Akshaye’ means ‘that that cannot be destroyed’ (ak –Β shaye – jiska shaye nahi ho saktah)) in sanskrit, that which continues and is never destroyed/no end. (like energy and spirit).

Guruji mentioned that Akshatam is also another name/meaning in sanskrit for Rice. Rice becomes food, becomes our body, our body dies and disintegrates back into the earth/soil and from that soil grows back into plants- rice grains- its a never ending process of nature too. The laws of Nature also continues, they also have no end. Our ancient Rishi’s saw this cyclic never ending process that exists even in nature, the same way as in energy can never be destroyed and so therefore a soul/spirit continues..

He mentioned that as rice was taken as a symbol of something that continues and never ends, rice was added in the rituals. When an aarti was done for a person, turmeric/haldi, kumkum and rice were mixed in it and put as tikka for the person on his agya chakra (between the eyebrows) (the seat of wisdom/knowledge). The rice was to signify that may the light/wisdom be never ending and continue always around that person.

Similarly when the newly weds were blessed by the elders and relatives, flowers and a little bit of rice was sprinkled over them. The rice was to signify that the blessings given by these well wishers of the newly weds, those blessings always continue and never end.

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