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Dedicate this poem To
H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar !

“My beloved is coming..
I Celebrate the Moment..”

While some wait for years and yearn for HIS glimpse..
HE walked up to me & smiled to uplift my spirit..
In HIS presence, they say worries fade away..
I though see love makes it way..

How i wish, how i desire. How i cry like a baby to want that desire.. Smilingly, gently, HE compassionately answers, wish for Big and get it answered..

How i think much insignificant i am, HE flashes a smile & realize I am much more than i See I am..

How lucky, How fortunate, How blessed I am..

HE is coming, finally & Here I am!

Inviting you all, to be a part of this experience.. To make this start of the year a memory to cherish!

In the presence of my dearest Sri Sri invite you all to :

We Chant with Sri Sri : 11th Jan 2015, 6pm at Andheri Sports Complex,Andheri West,Mumbai!

Rudra Puja with Sri Sri : 12th Jan 2015, 7am at MMRDA Grounds, BKC, Bandra East…

See You with your smile and your loved ones along :))

oh yes.. Are you not excited HE is coming?

Then lets express it via Facebook and twitter too!

Tag on Twitter

@AOLMUM and @vds_maha & add hashtag #WeChantWithSriSri  #RudraPujaWithSriSri #SriSriInMumbai wherever relevant!

Tag on Facebook

“Mumbai Rudra Puja & Navratri” ( )

“Sri Sri in Mumbai” ( )

Lets welcome Sri Sri to Mumbai and invite everyone to experience the awesomeness :))

Sri Sri in Mumbai!

Sri Sri in Mumbai!

Social Media , Networking and Promotion.

Hi Everyone!

Worked with  VDS Maharashtra Social Media Team (  and )  and some interesting aspects popped out!

Social Media, Networking and Promotion

Social Media, Networking and Promotion

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How do we effectively use what we have on social media like Twitter & Facebook!

Here’s my take. The key points , basics that helped me:

  1. Data : Identifying the cause to promote and Gathering the relevant information – Building up the data.
  2. Medium : Identify the medium through which you want to network your information
  3. Presentation : Identify how effectively the medium can potray your information
  4. Promotion : Simply publishing your data is work half done. Your sole purpose of creation is to Network it to people? right?

So presentation of data based on your available medium is the right choice.

Networking your data is the next step.


1. Identifying Data :

Gather all the Data : Extensive research all photos, text, videos.

2. Check the available medium where the information could reach out more :

Social Media : free and fast is the obvious choice!

We have most popular ones : Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

Here i’ll talk about Facebook and Twitter.

A medium has components & subcomponents :

Facebook is a medium

Its Component :

  1. Facebook Main account / profile
  2. Facebook page

Facebook Profile : requires you to login separately and manage friend lists,Maintaining friend lists is another task, adds your job to maintain friend lists. Approving friend requests, moderating their posts on ur profile and so on.

It justs adds more maintenance. If you are looking for a long term promotion. Profile may not be suitable.

Facebook Page : does not require much maintenance. People can like and its easier to connect just by a simple like button. Even people outside facebook can access your page posts.

and a Long term promotion is best possible through a Facebook page.

Subcomponents of a Medium

Facebook Page further has :

  1. Profile photo
  2. Cover photo,
  3. About : description.


Twitter is a Medium

Its component :

  1. Profile photo
  2. Cover photo,
  3. About : description.
  4. Background Cover.
  5. Lists

3. Use your data and mould it so as to effectively use the medium.

So You have a Facebook page through which you want to potray your campaign.

Most often photos are created, carrying all the relevant data but it hardly fits in the Profile Picture or the Header place.

So Identify the components of a Medium : Here find the size of the Profile photo / cover photo and create a photo that fits in the cover/profile photo and delivers the required information : That’s making best use of a Medium.


Note :

Now there is static data and dynamic data :

Static data is something that stays throughout or for a long time.

for example profile picture, cover picture and description will stay on most probably for long time.

Then there is dynamic data : that comprises of statuses with realtime information, with information about your event, photos, video links.


Facebook Page :

  1. Profile photo : Create a customized profile photo : it looks small so have the most required information.
  2. Cover photo : Create a photo that potrays the most relevant and quick glance to the event.
  3. About : There’s not much place. Give your site address here if any.
  4. Give your facebook a nice address to be easily identify YOU! That way its easier to mention your audience to go when they want to. ( eg : )

then comes actually using a page :

a) A simple text usually doesnt or may not attract followers to the page.

If you happen to post texts. post it in parts so that people can read it.

With time running so fast and so much data information flow, its hard to take time to read everything.

If you have large information, break it in parts and post it.

Keep it simple and keep it curious.

b) A photo with text always works better.

A visual is most effective. Good design pleases the mind.

Have a good design poster and add the text.

c) Video Links or Videos

Describe in shortest and crispiest ways possible what describes the video best.

d) Events :

This is the best networking tool in the page : Create an event and give the best possible information in the description in the Description place.

Create an event early, it takes time to reach out to a big crowd. To invite takes time. But it works.

Post relevant photos in the event

e) Note :

When one visits your page, most likely he or she may not get all the info at one go!

For someone who knows you or the importance of event, and would like to send the required info through text, a note with required info will be most useful.

Create a Note that has all the text to reach your event and contact details and links to know more of your event.

Here its best to give links that direct to the relevant information on your page.


Twitter :

1.Design the static data : Profile pic, Cover photo and the Twitter Background.

2.Choose the Description : Apt and simple.

then comes actually utilizing twitter :

Tweets :

Divide the data in parts.

Use 1/n, 2/n to show that it belongs to one sentence.

Shorten words : use & for AND, u for YOU, ur for your, 4 – for , d – the. That enables u to write more.

Use Trends : Make a trend,the more the tweets on that trend, the more publicity it can get.

Use mention / tag people in tweets to let them know.

Apart from this list helps you track people you follow. Create list that suit a category : For eg. Banglore Navratri News and add people you know who will be updating Navratri news at Banglore. ( Its quite tedious but will be worth it. )


Link your facebook page to twitter :

That way whatever you publish on your page, a tweet is made from ur linked account, that tweet partly mentions the starting sentence and in the rest of the tweet, a link is mentioned that directs to your facebook page.

Thus Twitter gets simultaneously updated with Facebook.

Also new twitter follower get a chance to get connected to your page, as you publish.

Good way also to track what you published on Facebook page too!

Also to note that whenever you delete a post on facebook after your twitter account. Make sure you delete the corresponding tweet manually, since twitter does not auto delete tweets that are delete on linked facebook account!


So summing up :

  • Do the research,
  • Prepare data ready to be published and sit back and enjoy!
  • Publish it in sequence.

Preparing allows you to give teasers too!

That allows you to get your viewers curious about getting page to your page often.

So Prepare and Be ready.

You should be ready such that, all you have to do is, just copy paste or upload.

Leave no thinking while you post.

That is called preparedness.

Once you are ready to post.

Remember to back up whatever you have prepared.

Email/Google Drive/Dropbox Backup all that you have worked on upon. That makes Cloud storage.

Incase your light goes out. Make sure you carry it in your pen – drive. That makes Offline Storage.

Either ways , cloud/Offline storage allows you to post from wherever you are.


Next is Publishing.

Publish in sequence.

4. Publish it.

If you notice the facebook page, the post that get recent interactions comes up.

A good way to track the post is to save the permanent link of the post you put up.

The permanent link is also a permanent address to the post you wrote / published.

Twitter is sequential so you dont have to worry on tracking.

Since facebook postings dont appear sequential, it would be better if you save the permanent link of each post.

More description on how its useful to follow.

For Video Links , Text posted :-

The time stamp : 37 minutes ago, 13 October acts a permanent link.

If you click on timestamp, you will see the the individual post.

NOTE : If you make your page visible to all, ie no login required. Then this post would be visible to people beyond facebook.

For photos :-

Login as the the Page and go to the photo.

Click on the option and Click on the “get link” option : it will show you a long link, that is a permanent address to the photo.

PS : if you go to the page through your profile, you wont see the option of “get link”

Using Link Shortner :

Since the links are long and easy to be mistaken, use url shortner sites to create short links

Sites like , can help in url shortening.

To make it much easier, there is an option to customize the link created.

For eg : for a long link , something like “” like that will be created – You can customize the “er4Td” part to something that relates to the photo. for eg :

This makes it easier to recognize the posts.

Backup all links and short description of that link in an excel sheet and keep track of your postings.

Back up on Cloud storage, Save the back up of links as draft in emails and keep adding in it.

At the end of it, mail it to required id’s.

or simply mail the List of Links.

INFORM your TEAM / friends and family :

Also this combination of Short description and link could be used to inform people in your social media networking team about instant updates.

Or simply inform the people who care about you, the happenings on the page.

This short update can then be networked also to your friends family through Whatsapp, BBM, Viber, SMS and thus networking could be made possible.

This could be most succesful if there are bunch of people and a team exists. Thus each one can act as a potential updater, rather than just the publisher!

Its important to reach out, its important to create pillars so that if you arent available, those ones can be contacted for.

So create a network of people and through these give each one of them the potiential to act as a leader, to select their set of people and their own mini network.

The more the merrier!

5. Target the audience and deliver with performance.

Identify whom you want to inform and locate medium

He/ she may be ur best friend and maybe more active on whatsapp than facebook/email.

Ideal way is to make a list of people you wish to inform and find where they are active.

Second , keep them updated regularly through the means possible,

Email them, IM them, Tag them in photo, statuses or tweet, post.

OR simply drop a message on messengers – whatever medium they are most likely available frequently!

Use short descriptions and links to your posts to convey beyond online medium to help people locate easily what you want to convey faster!

So summing up, list down mediums and list down people active on those mediums.

Send message across and keep them updated!

Have a Happy time with Social Media, play around and learn how to get heard better. Once you are done with everything observe the audience reactions and interactions and learn to adapt to meet the requirements that help them to connect to you better 🙂

Just product delivery is not success. Delivering it with performance IS!

PS : For people off social media invite them too! 🙂

PPS : All this you learn when you ask, what is to be done and this helps you to deliver what has to be done 🙂


Swapnil Bawane

( Would love to connect : I am on Twitter : @swapnilbawane , also on Facebook : )


Thank you so much Poonam Shah, Pooja Shah , Alka Didi for letting me be a part of this beautiful team 🙂




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