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Why should i Vote? I want to know where to Vote?

Many people might have a question..
Why should i vote?
Here this video answers the following questions..



See :

The Power of Vote  – >

Know Your Civic Quotient ( English ) :

Know Your Civic Quotient ( Hindi )

Know Your Civic Quotient ( Marathi ) :

Do you have rights to complain? The Compaint Room   :


Trivia :
Mumbai is divided into constituencies..
Each constituency is further divided into parts..
Each part comprises of a selection of areas..
Lets take an example…
I stay at Building A, like wise there is building B,C,D,E
Together a selection of buildings like A,B,C,D,E etc are given a unique name : That is in technical term a PART number
several such PARTS are put under a bigger category : Constituency!

There exists a further higher classification : District wise :
A major selection of constituency is put under a certain district!

LETS take a practical example :
Amit Society is in Mulund.. Likewise there Mukti Towers, SnehBandhan and few others in the vicinity.. These are all given a PART number – 122
Like wise there are other PARTS
together all PARTS are placed in a “CONSTITUENCY” or a greater area :
So my society comes under “Mulund Constituency” and its technical number is 155..
My constituency is then listed under Mumbai Subarban

So if i have to search my name i need to look for Constituency 155 , PART number 122 to precisely locate my building name!


HERE is a post which can HELP people to know if their name exists or not in the present electoral list and also a simple guide of which forms to fill and where to fill it up.


Har ek Volunteer .. :)

Credit :Written by Someone from pune Team 🙂

A volunteer

Har Ek Volunteer Zaruri Hota Hai…

Har Ek Volunteer Zaruri Hota hai 😉

Chai k liye jaise Toast hota hai,

Waise har ek volunteer zaruri hota hai.

Koi Sunday morning ko late Follow-Up mein aaye,

Koi Satsang ki bich bhaag jaye!

Ek tere Gyan ko lecture kahe,

Aur ek har chhoti cheez ke liye JGD kare!

Koi nature se ‘Kaffa’,

Koi ‘Pitta’ hota hai,

Par har ek volunteer zaruri hota hai!

Ek ghadi ghadi mail kare, par kabhi kabhi Seva kare,

Ek kabhi kabhi mail kare, aur har ghadi Seva kare!

Koi Gyan ka ghoomta phirta satellite,

Koi din raat rahe Maun mien light.

Koi Butterfly, koi Seva Warrior hota hai,

Par har ek volunteer zaruri hota hai!

Koi junior volunteer,

koi senior volunteer,

Koi DSN volunteer, koi YES+ volunteer,

Koi koi poora seva sambhalne wala irreplaceble Guru Star hota hai!

Koi time se pehle Seva finish kare,

Koi TTC ke just pehle Seva kare!

Koi teacher baane ke liye bheja khaye,

Koi teacher banke bhi khushi nahi paaye!

Koi always Happy, koi Sad hota hai,

Par har ek volunteer zaroori hota hai!

Koi Satsangi aur koi Blue Star hota hai,

Par har ek volunteer Zaruri Hota Hai!!

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