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Swami Vaishampayanji on taking Sankalpa/ Fulfilling Desires/Why Rudra Puja in Shravan Month:

Swami Vaishampayan ji

Swamiji : Do you want to know the shortest way of fulfilling your desires?
The secret of Fulfilling your desires is leaving them or Offering them and forgetting it.
Puja is the place to offer it.

When u compare ur problems or desire with time & space you will find them small.
Same is done in Puja.
In Puja your consciousness is raised to The Universe and time and you are made aware of the vastness of the Universe.

You are raised to that Level & then you leave desires..
As such then you drop your desire 🙂
As on such offering, you will find yourself not holding it and with time, you will find it fulfilled.

In Sankalpa you offer your desire in the Puja when the specific Mantras are chanted.

The Secret in fulfilling desires is to Offer it & Stop holding desire in mind.

Q : Why Rudra Puja only in Month of Shravan maas

Swamiji : Why do farmers plant seeds in the monsoon?
Because they know that they will not have to put as many efforts for the crop to grow!
Nature will take care of their crops!
In the same way, when you do Rudra Puja in Shraavan Maas, the knowledge will flow on its own.It will happen naturally without you having to put the efforts.
You will absorb the knowledge on your own.
These have been tried and tested by Rishis and Munis in the past and came to the conclusion that the best time for Rudra Pujas is the Month of Shravan!!

Q : Rudra Puja mein sankalpa kyu lena chahiye?
( Why should you take sankalpa in Rudra Puja? )
Swamiji : Sankalpa lena nai.. Sankalpa ko choddna hai!
Only when you drop the wishes, they are taken care of by the divine.
Believe that HE will do only the best for you.

How will desires get fulfilled?
Swamiji : Just drop them!
And believe they are going to come true!! And they will come true!!


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